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    I was at the new Academy Store in Killeen, TX today and WOW finally saw a 7000c3 in person and felt it. This is the smoothest reel I have ever seen in my life :crazy: now I know why everyone likes them, it feels better than any spinning reel or baitcaster I have ever used and I bet that reel can cast a country mile or two. But at a price tag of $149.99, I couldnt explain that one to the ol lady since im supposed to finally get my Pontoon this comin week. I thought the 6500c3 was nice too but it was $78.99 so I just got a Penn 309 for $54.99. Gonna put 300yds of 65 or 80 PP on it for a Heavy Rod. In a couple months though im gonna get that 7000 to put on a brand spankin new 8' Berkley Glow stick I have in my closet collecting dust. Gotta buy a bait tank and 10 Rod Holders for the Boat first :wink: I saw a nice bait tank in the store 30 gallon for only $84.99 and they had some nice rod holders for $12.99. May do Monster's though. What was funny is the 209 was $59.99 and the 309 was $54.99, I asked them was this a sale, they said no its the everyday price. Why would the 209 be more than the 309? Just wanted to share with you guys. What was funny was
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    yes it would be hard for me to explain a $150 reel also, but the Penn 309 is a good reel also......good luck with the pontoon boat!