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I've got an ABU 6600 that was acting up, I thought it was a drag issue. Randy (fishnfwl) was over a while back and took a look at it, turns out I've kind of smoothed the teeth off of the main gear. Not a quality issue, I'm sure it's from reeling in logs I've caught when the river was trashy and other semi-abuse.

Anyway, symptoms are feeling like the drag is slipping (it's actually the main gear and spool gear not meshing right and slipping) and not reeling in right. If you pull the reel apart and look at the gear you'll be able to see the teeth are rounded off or gone if yours is in the same boat as mine.

Abu P/N for the main gear is 23955 and spool gear P/N is 19373. Spool gear is only $.65 and since it's been meshed with a bad gear I figure I'll change it as well in case it's damaged. Cost for the main gear was $15 and change. Hope that helps somebody out!

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