Abu 6500tc v/s 7000

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  1. bigkat7698

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    Bowling Green KY
    Ok I have three 6500tc reels but was wondering if it would be worth the extra money and time to sell/trade one of them for a 7000 or larger (Sweden) Abu? I guess what I'm asking do you guys feel like the 6500tc is suffecient for a big river cat or should I move up to the bigger Abu's.
  2. flathunter

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    Ok last year I caught the folowing flatheads on a 6500tc


    all were caught in river current and the reel preformed well.

    I can cast a 6500 series further than a 7000, but the 7000 is a bigger stronger reel with more line capacity....

    I just dont need a 7000 I run 25-lb test mono, and make long cast with 12 foot rods...I have never had a flathead come close to spooling me.

    But I do likr the 7000 they would be a good choice also, I have all series off abu reels. and have been collecting them for years.

    Besides the rod does most of the work in landing big fish, the reel is just something to hold your line, and the abu;s now have good drag systems.
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  3. Iowa_Josh

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    Well, jack don't lie to ya. But, i think the curse of the 6500 is the day you want to use 40# mono. The reel really isn't big enough for that. The 7000 clicker is stronger and louder.
  4. alton

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    I also have 6500 and 7000 series reels. I use the 6500's spooled with #65 power pro and #40 mono leaders 90% of the time over the 7000. I like the casting distance with the 6500 pro rocket. I also bank fish the river with 12' rods and have caught quite a few blues in the 25# to #50 range. I have caught a few over #50, but my scale only reads to #50. I do like my 7000 pro rocket, but I feel I can cast the 6500's farther. Good luck.
  5. kitsinni

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    I don't have any 100LB fish in my pictures, but a 6500 has been more than I have needed in any situation I fish so far.
  6. Snagged2

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    Keep what you have, and try out a 7000, If you don't like it for any reason, you can always trade or sell it. Lots of used ones around,,:wink:
    I use the 7K's more than the 6K's because the clickers seem louder, and I like to spool up 50# mono, on a few of them!! So, line capacity doesn't suffer. In my fishing, I don't need to cast too far..30-40 yds Max. most times much closer.
    Nothing wrong with either, and both do a good job if rigged fairly..
  7. slaphound2000

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    antigo, wisconsin
    i've never used either one of them so i wouldn't know. plus i've never had any luck with baitcasters. they always seem to get that danged old birdsnest in em. i have two rods that i use for cats. both are spinning & both are bout 7'6-8' in length. one has 20# mono on it & the other has 50# braid. havn't really had the chance to really use them yet though. still trying to find good cat waters where i live.
  8. Dirtdobber

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    I agree. When I fish I have both out. The only time I chose the 7000 over the 6500 is at the dam. I use it on a 14' Fenwick and the 6500 doesn't hold enough line.
  9. bedbug jr

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    I have used the 6500C series for years and they have always done the job for me. However, this year I have incorporated a couple 7000 Pro Rockets and I must admit I was somewhat suspect of them. They have proven to be real workhorses also. For casting you can't beat the 6500 but for larger line capacity I have to go with the 7000's. Don't get rid of your 6500's cause they can handle most anything you hook into. Stay safe and stick a big 'un!!!:wink: