abu 6500 side plates?

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    Anybody know where to get different color side plates?I have seen many different colors, but cant find any to customize my reels.Thanks for yalls help.
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    I see them on eBay all the time. Also, Greg, (snagged2 on the BOC) can probably tell you where to get some. I'm sure he will see this post and reply.

    Bill in SC

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  4. Ken D

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    Hi, Brian.... do you have a specific colour in mind? Also I assume you want present day sideplates with the instant anti-reverse capability?

    And do you want "old school" square plates with ball bearings in both, or did you want a palming plate?

    Common old school colours are titanium-silver, blue, green, orange.

    Common palming plates are gold, black, red, silver, green, burgandy, grey, and a pale orange. This is from memory, so, I may have missed a colour or 2.
    Special rare colours are lime green, blue, orange, violet, yellow.
    The rare ones come up on the eeb, eh? (ebay) now and then.

    The common ones are available through any Abu dealer, who can order them in from Purefishing in Spirit Lake IA. If you want to order yourself, have a credit card ready, and call Abu Garcia, once you get some part numbers.

    Let me know your preferences, and I can go over the schematics, and tell you what reel uses what colours, in the palming collection. The square collection requires some extra digging, in the international set of reels Abu does.
    Hope this helps. Best, KD
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    I don't know how much powder coating them would cost, but it may be just as cheap. Then you could pick from any color you want. Sideplates aren't cheap (unless you get used ones), especially if you get them with the bearing already pressed in.
  6. Ken D

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    That's a great suggestion !!! It opens up a whole new area of expertise, and has some side lines....powder coating jig heads, re-doing spoons, and all sorts of tackle items, along with the reel plates.

    A fast internet search will bring up many sources of DIY components to set up a station at home. Powder coating is very hard, and very attractive. To have it done by a shop, usually sets up their minimum costs, unless the owner fishes. Then sometimes deals can be made.
    I work with the local machine shop. the owner fishes, I build rods, he turns stuff on the lathe.

    In our trading area, where the powder shop is about 300 miles out,their shop minimum is 100.00, (and the owner's not fishing), so for that money, I can buy 3-4 sets of new plates. If I wanted to get set up in powder coating, wifezilla would probably freak out, as to the rationale of setting up ANOTHER area of interest on top of fly tying, rod building, rod repair and reel repair !! I can just see the look on her face if I move over into lure making.....
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    Colored sideplates are a lot of fun, to dress up, or customize, modify a reel,,,

    I believe the factory sideplates are anodized,, Just guessing...

    Powder coating, in comparison, is a much thicker coating, and several things come to mind,, one is the process is fairly dirty,,(Bearings), also, the temps are high 400 +..(bearings)
    IF your powder coater is of a mechanical ilk, he may be able to foresee problems encountered, during the process, and take the necessary precautions to provide good results..
    areas not needing, or benefiting from the powder coating, would have to be "masked" off. or you will spend more time cleaning the sideplates in order they fit the rest of the reel properly..I personally would remove the IAR bearing, and mask it off myself.. Special tape and products are required due to the high heat..Powder coating is very tough, and usually you won't just pull out your pocketknife and scrape it away...actually,, I wouldn't use powdercoating,,,

    Getting back to anodizing,, I think that can be accomplished through kit form, or some such.. Don't have any experience there..Maybe other members can help here...

    Much more efficient to purchase sideplates of a color you prefer..IMO
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