Abu 6500 CSR vs. 6500 Big Game

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by BMills13, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. BMills13

    BMills13 New Member

    Does anyone have any input about how the 6500 original CS Rocket and the original 6500 Big Game(black) stack up against one another. Casting distance, brut force, etc.
  2. Douglas Foster

    Douglas Foster New Member

    SW Oklahoma

    Here's a link to a thread I participated in earlier this summer. My Rocket reel is the black 6500 CS Pro Rocket, not the blue "Rocket" reel that also has a very fine reputation as a long casting fishing machine. The other reel is a 6500 CL Big Game. I hope this helps. Doug

  3. catBob

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    North Carolina
    just from what ive owend i had to set of the cs6500 blue rockets they did throw good but i hated the tiny handles they come with so i bought to 6500 chrome rockets:big_smile: i love them wouldnt take nothing for them so i threw in some aftermarket bearings and some aftermarket dual ball bearing levelwind guides and cleand out the stock lube from abu and replaced with some rocket fule oil and put them on some 13ft breakaways and fill the spool up with 20lbs sufix and can empty the spool to the knot everytime! but if u want a good casting reel for the money get the c4! and put a power handel on it and take the dust covers off the bearings and u got a good throwing reel
  4. joadb

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    Clinton, Ohio,
    i love my 6500 big games(i dont have a abu rocket)i have them on cabelas european predator rods.they remind me of c3 7000s but are more compact.they cast a mile.
  5. MAX1955

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    I had two big game 6500 cl, and they could cast. My son had the pro rocket (blue) and said my big game cast as good if not better. I have since passed those two reels on to my sons, and bought two RCN60HC ABU GARCIA record. Those reels will burn your thumb. I still have two 6500 CL abu garcia c3 anybody who cast them or sees me cast them can't beleive how far they cast. I bought those years ago at walmart on clearence for $59.00 each. I plan on keeping those.