Abu 6500 C3 Level wind

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by shelbygt1979, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. shelbygt1979

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    Ok so I have Abu 6500 C3 that the level wind stays stuck on the left or right sometimes I tore it apart and relubed it and cleaned and put new oil on and I still can't find out what would cause this if I help the level wind with my thumb with just a little pressure it works and then about 5-6 more turns and it gets stuck again sometime while fishing I use the fish to help stop this from happening while reeling in.

    Does this mean that I need a new Worm gear??

    If so do you know of a place to buy one other then Abu?

    And should I buy a better one while I am at it?

    Or what any help thanks:smile2::wink:
  2. Snagged2

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    Sounds like you definitely need a new pawl.
    I'd try replacing that first. If you have another AG reel you can try exchanging the pawls and see if that remedies he problem.
    If not, also, look at the gear cogs under the left sideplate..
    but, sounds like a pawl.
    You might try E-bay,, if you don't want to use the Pure fishing AG parts service.

  3. kscathunter

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    more than likely both are bad i recomend replacing both. get your set of magnifing eyes ant look verry closely at the worm gears id bet they look damaged. ive got parts from http://www.reeldr.com/ they do good buisness :wink: i ordered a worm and paw for a 7000 from them and when it got here there was a hole in the envelop and the worm was gone:eek:oooh: but the paw was there :confused2::crazy: got a hold of them and let them know what happened and they sent me another one no problem. i dont think there is mutch of an upgrade other than ceramic paw so id just replace it with a new one.
  4. mankind

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    i just ordered some 6500 parts for gracia no problems they sent them out same day:wink: