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Abu 6000?

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I am wondering how u guys like the Abu 6000. I have one and love my.
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I think any reel made by Ambassadeur is a good reel. I used a 6000 for a while and I thought it was great. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I have been beefing up my arsenal lately and only use a couple of Abus now. I'm switching to Peen reels for line capacity and brute strength. I still think that the Abus are great for lighter applications and for fishing when you make lots of casts.
Hey Joe havent seen you around the boc in a while guess I havent been on here that mutch. Your 6000 still spinning, used er today, hope my penn is treating you good, and cetching fish. :0a23: you should try out a Big game 10000 big beafy and smooooth (i hear :crying: ) best of both worlds.
I have a abu 6000 and 5500 and they havent let me down yet.
I like the Abu 6000's just as much as the 6500's. (however I really LOVE the 7000's) But I am a big fan of the red 6000's.
Brandon, glad you are enjoying the reel. I have really beefed up my arsenal since then. Got the Penns loaded with 80 pound test line. Heavy action Cat Maxx rods. Looking for Mr. 100!

I still have a few Abus and use them from time to time. I'd love to have a 10000. Purty expensive tho.

Hook a hawg!
My dad has 2 6000's but im the one that gets te most use out of em . Along with 2 6500s 1 being mine and a couple 5500s we use for everykind of fishing

We have the gold c3 600s and i really dont know when they made them but they are one hell of a reel . I prefer them over the 6500s for some reason probably because i've only caught catfish on the 6000s my brand new 6500 hasnteven been tested by a fish yet :crying:
I have a couple of 6000's that have tangled with flatheads over 40lbs. The reels performed great, I wouldn't hesitate to take on bigger fish with them. The 6000 is also one of the easiest reels I have ever casted, I would recomend them to anyone wanting to learn how to use a baitcaster. One of my 6000's is over 10 years old and I have never had to replace anything on it. It's all original and performed flawlessly on a 42lb flat this year.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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