Abu 5000 winch

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by catfisherman369, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    Went to an auction last night and picked up an Abu 5000 winch for 25 bucks . It a red one in great shape . Could have got 2 others that was black but missed them . Anyone know what one is worth ? I am just wondering if I got a deal . Shuld I have got the other 2 also ?
  2. Capn Crunch

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    Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I've been watching them on and off here locally, on the 'Bay, etc. They seem to go for anywhere between $15 and $45 on average (+ shipping online, of course) depending on condition, season, and specific model. Locally they seem to run near the lower to middle end of that range, online they seem to be more from the mid to upper part of the range. Now some of the earlier 4 screw models do seem to fetch a premium price. You should be able to get your money back, at the very minimum, if you ever wanted to. I probably would have only bought one, but then again that's just because I don't really need another one at this point. LOL. I'd say you got a good deal on the one you bought, but I wouldn't mull over the ones you passed on too much. They're great reels!!

  3. katfish ken

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    I've got a red Abu that I've been fishing with since 1973. Never have had any problem out of her. If you are looking for durability I figure you got a deal. The red one has bushings so there is no bearings to rust or lock up. Just a little oil ever other trip or so she'll last ya a life time.:wink: