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Original post made by Gary Felkner(Garyf) on January 31, 2005

I was messing around with some different lines, wondering about abrasion resistance between mono and superlines. I cut off about a 2 foot section of each, holding it tight between my hands, and rubbed it against an 8 inch section of concrete step until it broke.

Wt----Manufacturer/Type----Rubs before break
100lb-Spiderwire Stealth------3
200lb-Fins Deep Drop---------15
60lb--Spiderwire Super Mono--50+

I actually gave up on the 60lb mono - it was wearing and would have broken eventually, but it was clearly way more abrasion resistant than the superlines.

Your mileage may vary in real world fishing use. I think all it really shows is how incredibly abrasion resistant mono line is. The superline results are pretty much in proportion to their diameter.

Abrasion is one factor, but don't forget that things like knot strength come into play, too. Also, braids are hard to cut, so they might perform better vs mono against a sharp edge.
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