About to start trying circle hooks

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    And i have heared they hook the fish when the take the bait, but that sounds too good to be true, so I need to know if there is a special way to tie them, or if they just work

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    after joining this site i started snelling all my circle hooks, someone who i will not name (but listens to zz top) has the thought that the snell will hold the hook straighter for better hook ups. i agreed with him and have been doin it that way since. the video of hook snelling is in the library.

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    Marshall, save your money. Circle hooks will not increase your catch rate if you aint fishing in places with actual fish. The only thing circle hooks will do, is hook any fish that takes your bait in the corner of the mouth. You don't need circle hooks to catch fish. If you are losing fish right now, you are fishing with too big of baits or hooks. I can't give you any more info on catching the little ones than just using smaller portions, and smaller hooks.
    If you are using live baits and are still losing fish you need to move to a different spot. Small fish inhabit areas that big fish push them into cause they suk. When you find an area with no small fish, thats where the big ones willbe.
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    Marshall I have been fishing for nearly 40 years and have used about every kind of hook made. I bought some circle hooks 2 years ago after reading about them on this site. I used them a couple times and did not like them. They actually decreased my catch rate so I quit using them and went back to Kahles. I started fishing with a couple guys that use circles exclusively and love them. On most any given trip these guys would smoke me. I attributed it to the hook because we were in the same boat with the same bait so I quizzed them about the proper use and listened to what they said about not setting and using the right size for the size of the bait. To finish the story I now use circles full time and love them. My catch rate has increased and I have yet to gut hook a fish. One thing to look for especially if you are ordering your hooks unseen is that even though the manufacturers say 8/0 they are all different sizes. For example a 7/0 Daichi circle chunk light hook is way bigger than a 10/0 Owner circle or a 8/0 Gamakatzu.
    My favorite is the 8/0 Owner or the 7/0 Daichi.
    Just remember, don't set,don't lift the rod, let the fish load the rod good and start reeling. One more note, don't forget the pliers because the circles hook so well that you will litterally have to "unscrew" the hook from the fish's mouth.

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    I started using circles this year after reading about them. I use hotdogs marinated in my "secret recipe", and I have increased the amount of fish caught. I will admit, it was tough to not grab that rod and set the hook the first couple of times. I kept thinking I was crazy for just sitting there listening to my bait clicker, and watching my rod bounce like Oprah on a trampoline. But circles work very well and I will continue to use them.

    And why do manufacturers have different sizes of hooks than their competitors? Its like that in the shoe industry too.