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    I have heard it mentioned that some of you are going to get a new boat.

    I did not get rid of my old boat until I got a replacement. My friends said that I needed a new boat. One that did not look like something of the Mekong Delta.... "a Junk it was". But it was a very functual boat.

    So where to you go to "check em out?. To compare and see what is out there..... I mean there are many boat makers out there... check em out.


    Bayrunner ray
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    I am looking at what is close to home for warrenty work and things of that nature. I am lucky in a sense to have several dealers within driving distance and who all carry different styles and makes of boats. Since I am a LARGE man I do have to consider that in my choice. Thanks for the link there are a lot of choices to choose from.

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    I went thru the same thing a couple months back and finally settled on a 16 ft Alumacraft. Start with what you want it to do..Deep V or flat? What size water will you be on?
    Start hitting the internet and many of the posts on other bulletin boards. Sure you cant believe everything you read but look at the trends on comments about boats. If you see many different posts on multiple boards and on a certain boat you can give those comments some validity. Then start talking to boat dealers in the area. Let them know you are looking only. Pump them for information and maybe throw out a competitor boat brand. Go back a couple times. This also gives you a chance to become familiar with the dealer and learn if they would be someone you would want to be a customer of. One dealer over 150 miles away was more interested in shoving a boat down my throat and not just answering my questions. While they had the boat I wanted as first pick I went with my second pick because of the relationship I had established with the dealer.

    Boat shows are coming up very soon. This is an excellent time to see them up close and get some very good deals at the same time.

    Lastly....I forgot where you are located but hit the local fishing boat ramps. I have approached strangers and asked about thier boats and they have given me a ton of information both good and bad. Just explain what you are looking at and why and use thier experiences.

    Hope this helped...
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    Boat shows are a great place to window shop, just leave your check book at home, might prevent an impulse buy - I ended up with a G3 Jon Boat that I gave to my Dad 9 months later by getting all worked up and buying one without doing my homework. Nothing against G3's, as a matter of fact I would recommend them to anybody, it just wasn't big enough.
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    Tawn that is good advice on leaving the checkbook at home at boat shows. The boat dealers normally has their best smooth talking salesman looking for some one who has boat fever. Gather all the info available on the boats that fit your needs and then bring it to the BOC for advise and discussion. Then make a decision on what you can afford. Just thinking out loud.
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    About leaving the check book home. That may or may not be good advise. There are many "boat show specials" and the dealers are real anxious to put a sold sign on as many of their boats as they can, especially during the first few hours after the show has opened and will give the best deal they possibly can during that time. Also ask how long the "special pricing" continues after the show ends, if a dealer gives more than 4 or 5 days it ain't much of a special to my way of thinking. If you do your homework ahead of time, know what your needs are, know which boats probably will suit your requirements and concentrate on them you can do pretty good at a show.