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    I don't know what happened this year but me my uncle and two brothers are all bending and or breaking 3x size 8 and 6 hooks. We all fish alot alike and my brother has even went out of town to a real tackle store....EAGLECLAW is letting us down.I e mailed them and told them about it and they said that they thought we got a bad batch....WICH ONE OF US? I wuold like to blame it on Wal-Mart but we got hooks not from there to:eek:oooh: I just want to know is anyone else having these issues to....???...cause it is getting irritating and expensive ...........
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    I used to use eagle claw hooks until one broke on what would have been my personal best cat. I havent used them since.

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    I would say it is a bad batch - and I'd suspect the composition of the metal more than the design. There is an old saying, something like.... stuff happens. This is some of the stuff it was referring to. I have had hooks break also, but that is nothing I can control... I can't set there with a super magnifying glass or scientific instrument and check each hook. Sometimes you just gotta have faith. The basic difference between eagle claw, mustad, and any other hook manufacturer is in the spelling of their names.
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    I have broken too many J-hooks and bent kahles while trying to remove them with needle nose. Sometimes you just have to be carefull and not use too much force when removing hooks. On the other hand once i started using Gama's i really like them because they seem a little more sturdy. And i havnt bent or broken any of them. Although i think i'm gonna experiment with pinching the barb closed. good luck and good fishing.
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    I'm no metallurgist, but IMO, I think it's better if a hook bends before it breaks. Simply breaking when put under stress shows the hook is way to hard. If you fishing and you got a big one on and your hook breaks; that's obviously no fun, but if you have that same fish on with a hook that can give a bit under pressure and still keep the fish on; you stand a much better chance of landing that fish. When I used to fish up at my aunts pond out in the country, I can remember one time we had a fish on. I can't remember if it was a cat or bass as my memories of a decade back are fuzzy, but I do know that during the scuffle, the small crappie hook on the end of the cane pole had bent and quite nearly straitened itself out, but we still managed to land the fish. So, I guess it's good to have a a hook that won't simply snap, but isn't something that you can easily wrap around your finger.
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    As Lawrence said it best, "Stuff Happens"
    Somethings you can control, somethings you can't. All you can do is take it with a grain of salt and use this as a learning experience. JMO