Abandoned Boat- How Do I Make it Legal?

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    i'm the trash man so i run into a lot of junk some times that junk just hapens to be an old boat that could be fixed and i was wandering if i can get titles for old junk boats any one know
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    First run the VIN/Hull #'s to make sure it's not stolen, then you can check into what they call a salvage title, at least they do it in FL.

    Due to the new privacy laws, the DMV may not give you the info regarding the last known owner BUT if you know a local policeman, he may run the #'s for you & then be able to contact the previous owner's to sign over a copy of the title:roll_eyes:

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    I believe most states allow you to check on a vehicle tag number or a boat registration number. I am currently trying to get ownership of a boat last registered in Texas over 20 years ago. Found the previous owners name... he lived in Mesquite, Texas. Sent him a letter and it was returned undelivered. The next step is to send a certified letter to everyone in Mesquite with the same last name, hoping to find a relative and ascertain this individual's status. If deceased, I'll try to find the person who was to settle his estate, if not, a next of kin who knows that the boat was previously sold. I believe enough certified and undelivered letters will show the boat to be abandoned and I can get title. If not, sad to say, I do have a chain saw. I know the boat was not stolen..thats all ready been determined.
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    Here in NC it's a bill of sale. Anyone can write you a bill of sale. You can write your own:lol:
    I've gotten a few salvage titles over the years and got all but 1 of them over the phone. No hull ID number , no registration number, and I found the thing on my land. Somebody dumped it one night. Or atleast thats what I told them. I got my new registration through the mail along with an assigned hull ID number.

    On the other hand just this year I sent a letter to a state senator and to the NCWRC stating why they need to crack down some on boat registration.
    I'm not after an iron fist approach to registering used or abandoned vessels but atleast trace the hull ID number.
    With these hurricanes slamming into Florida at the rate of 3 or 4 last year and then Katrina slamming into several states, it makes our state vulnerable for hurricane damaged boats and stolen boats to show up in the market place.

    There are thousands of stolen boats in Florida each year from jon boats to yachts. NC laws make it easy to launder that boat. Each year boats stolen in Florida make their way north and west to several states with lax registration laws.
    The same applies to hurricane damaged boats. NC has gotten an influx of hurricane cars. You cant completely launder a car with certain history websites available but alot of people never bother looking into a car's history before they buy.
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    Contact the Missouri Water Patrol - they'll tell you what you need to do.

    Phone : (573) 751-3333
    E-mail : BoatInfo@mswp.dps.mo.gov