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    Keep an eye on the progress of this latest treehugger tactic. AB 815 (Berryhill) deserves our support.

    California Assemblyman Tom Berryhill is a Republican, of course.
    His district includes the communities of Modesto, Riverbank, Oakdale, Chowchilla, Mammoth Lakes, Waterford, Sonora, Hughson, Angels Camp and Madera.

    California Striped Bass Assn. Action Alert Team Members and Other Interested Parties
    Subject: AB 815 (Berryhill) – Prohibition on Local Governments Regulating Hunting or Fishing Activities
    Date: March 19, 2007
    Please help us pass AB 815 (Berryhill), a bill that would prevent cities and counties from adopting local ordinances that restrict or ban hunting and fishing activities.
    In recent years, a number of cities and counties have inappropriately attempted to insert themselves into the regulation of fish and game, often at the behest of animal rights groups. Notable examples include the cities of Morro Bay, Hercules and Mountain View, each of which has attempted to ban waterfowl hunting on publicly-owned lands or waters.
    AB 815 would help rein in these local governments by prohibiting them from adopting ordinances which impact the taking of fish and game unless it is for legitimate public safety reasons. The bill would also help to ensure that science—not emotion or animal rights sentiments—drives our hunting and fishing regulations.
    Anti-hunting groups are currently gearing up to fight against AB 815, as they want to retain every venue possible to restrict hunting and fishing activities. Please counter their efforts by sending letters of support for AB 815 to members of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee (see below). Here are some points to consider in support of the bill:
    Migratory fish and wildlife populations do not respect local government boundaries and therefore must be managed from a statewide perspective.
    The California Supreme Court has held that local cities and counties may not interfere with the management of fish and wildlife.
    The Fish and Game Commission, rather than local governments, has the scientific expertise and enforcement resources of the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to successfully manage fish and game resources.
    Many state laws and regulations already exist that ensure that hunting and fishing activities do not adversely impact public safety.
    AB 815 not only ensures comprehensive, statewide control over fish and wildlife resources, but encourages greater communication between local governments and DFG.
    California State Assembly Committee On Water, Parks and Wildlife 2007