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    Ok, first off know I am not a fish eater, not even long john silvers... Fishing for a living well at least most of my living and having sponsors and companies count on me, I just never got into seafood at all.

    But in my travels I have heard a bunch of ways to cook or prepare fish for a meal... The biggest problem I have heard about cooking fish in the house is the smell it leaves behind... (My mother use to fight with my dad everytime he cooked fish in "Her" kitchen)

    While I was a guest on a radio show last year about fishing a caller called in and asked about me cooking fish. After I explained what I did above he told me to tell me dad this way to cook and there will be no smell...

    So it goes like this, take whatever fish you like to eat and season and prepare the way you normally would... when it comes time to cook, instead of putting it in a frying pan or a deep fryer, wrap it completely with all extras in aluminum foil.. Making sure you have the sides and ends all sealed...

    Then (Here is the strange part) put it in the dishwasher while you do a load of dishes... YES that is true... the heat from the long cleaning water cycle and the heat from the drying WILL cook the fish..!

    Now I have never tried this as I don't eat fish but I have been a guest again on the show many times after this show and the host has told me he tried, thinking it was going to be a joke, but it worked...!
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    Yea I think that Ive heard that a long time ago but had forgot it never tryed it

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    I heard that it works too. I've never tried it . You can wrap them up like that and cook them outside on the grill. That will keep the smell out of the house.
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    I've heard of that & you can also do the same with your car engine while driving. Though, neither way will ever be attempted by yours truely.