A tip to keep hands scent free

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Kansas Tree Rat, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Like most bow hunters I go to great lengths to stay scent free. The one thing that I think a lot of people may overlook is their hands after they get out of their vehicle at their hunting location. I thought I would throw out a tip on what I do. When I get out of my truck the first thing I do before changing into my hunting clothes is to wash my hands with a rag soaked in scent killer spray that I keep in a zip lock bag. I then find a patch of green grass and wash my hands with it. If there is no grass I have used any kind of weeds or even leaves. The grass leaves my hands with a fresh grass cover scent.
    Your hands pick up all kinds of scents from the steering wheel and everything you touch so it is very important that you clean them before you touch your hunting gear and head into the woods. I hope this may help someone out there and please feel free to add any tips you may have.
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    great advise... just dont do it with pine needles!! it might get alittle sticky.. :smile2: i do the same thing but i like to use the dirt at the base of a tree.. it usually has a really strong dirt smell from the decaying leaves..

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    Great tip! Thanks!!!
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    Great tip Alan! I do the same thing before going into the woods. Scent control is key when getting close and personal with the wary creatures of nature!!
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    i never really thought about my hands. ill have to remember to start doin that