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    Well folks its been hectic around here for awhile but things are finally getting back to normal. I just got back home from Florida ( where I'm from ) visiting family for over a week. We spent our time at Palm coast in a condo enjoying the Atlantic....boy I miss the salt. Before my trip I had family here non-stop visiting so my fishing has been off/on.

    I guess I'm really writing this to thank all the folks here that have invited me fishing lately. I know I haven't been the best at keeping plans and just wanted to apologize here for my un-organized brain.....just to many things going on I guess.

    Things like no job ( main factor ), POS truck that hardly runs, and other family responsibilities will still continue to keep me close to home, but that's ok. I'm a blessed man so I wont complain, and boat or not I'm "lucky" to find a few fish here and there anyway.

    I wanna give Mr.mcdo aka, Larry a special public thank you for being such a great friend. He has helped me through my BoC contest unconditionally. He got me on my 40# flathead and many other fish. Now don't get me wrong,,,we hunted hard and dint always find fish but we made one hell of a team...or at least I think we do ; )

    Thanks Larry.......

    Other folks I wanna thank are pop pop, Pat, Brian, and Steve. These guys have been Pm'ing me with invites but I just cant seem to make it out. Sooner or later we will make it happen...

    Ok...now Bill..... Bill in SC has repeatedly invited me for a year or so now and I still haven't made it ; ( I hope you don't think I'm dodging the bullet Bill. One of these days we are gonna put that power pro to the test together ; )

    Like I said, I'm home now and things are back to normal. I have fishin on the brain and I'm ready to bump up my thread again !!! You all have a great and safe summer, hopefully I will get to meet some of you other folks this year...

    Thanks guys ; )
  2. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    JJ: I fully understand conflicting schedules, family stuff, unemployment, POS vehicles, etc! My invitation is always open, and we'll hit it somewhere one of these days, Good Lord willing. heck, I may just do a road trip and head your way before too long!

    BB in SC

  3. Blake Wright

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    I'm glad to see someone else leads a normal life like me. Just sold my boat to replace a POS car then two days later lost my job so now we got to live off the boat money.:angry: Hang in there, Were all in this boat together.
    I too would like to watch ol bill at work to learn a thing or two.
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    Pickens, SC
    Jim like I have said to you before you always have an open invitation to fish with me. If I am going, you are welcome! Glad you guys got back safely.

  5. mcdo2137

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    Jimmy glad your back from vacation in Sunny FLA. Now we can get back to fishin and huntin for them Flatties! You are a great fishing partner and friend.:big_smile: Lets go fishing soon!!!