A Tear Falls

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by davy51, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. davy51

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    I recieved this in the email today

    please pass it on

    A poem for people with hearts

    My name is Sarah
    I am but three,
    My eyes are swollen
    I cannot see,

    I must be stupid,
    I must be bad,
    What else could have made
    My daddy so mad?

    I wish I were better,
    I wish I weren't ugly,
    Then maybe my Mommy
    Would still want to hug me.

    I can't speak at all,
    I can't do a wrong

    Or else I'm locked up
    All the day long.

    When I awake I'm all alone
    The house is dark
    My folks aren't home.

    When my Mommy does come
    I'll try and be nice,
    So maybe I'll get just
    One whipping tonight.

    Don't make a sound!
    I just heard a car
    My daddy is back
    >From Charlie's Bar.

    I hear him curse
    My name he calls
    I press myself
    Against the wall.

    I try and hide
    >From his evil eyes
    I'm so afraid now
    I'm starting to cry.

    He finds me weeping
    He shouts ugly words,
    He says its my fault
    That he suffers at work.

    He slaps me and hits me
    And yells at me more,
    I finally get free
    And I run for the door.
    He's already locked it
    And I start to bawl,
    He takes me and throws me
    Against the hard wall.

    I fall to the floor
    With my bones nearly broken,
    And my daddy continues
    With more bad words spoken.

    "I'm sorry!", I scream
    But its now much too late
    His face has been twisted
    Into unimaginable hate.

    The hurt and the pain
    Again and again
    Oh please God, have mercy!
    Oh please let it end!

    And he finally stops
    And heads for the door,
    While I lay there motionless
    Sprawled on the floor.

    My name is Sarah
    And I am but three,
    Tonight my daddy
    Murdered me.

    There are thousands of kids out there just like Sarah. And you can help.

    It sickens me to my soul, and if you just read this and don't pass it on I pray for your forgiveness, because you would have to be one heartless person to not be affected by this post. And because you are affected, do something about it!! So all I am asking you to do is take some time to send this on and acknowledge that this stuff does happen, and that people like her dad do live in our society, and pray for child abuse to wither out and die, but also pray for the safety of our youth.

    Please pass this poem on as a Blue Ribbon Against Child Abuse because as crazy as it might sound, it might just indirectly change a life.
  2. whiskerlover

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    St. joseph Missouri
    Oh my god Dave. That is some powerful stuff. As a father and a human being i am both disgusted and moved by this piece.

  3. davy51

    davy51 New Member

    it moved me to tears

    things like this happen when it does i believe in imediate justice

    sorry but it the way i feel
    i would follow someone like this to the end of the earth to cure the problem
  4. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    Dave that is a poem to be remembered as for following someone like that to theend of the earth I'll be there with you YES child abuse must be stopped YES each and everyone of us have the responsablity{sp} to stop it when we can
  5. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I feel the same way ,The folks who do things like this dont want me as judge and executioner
  6. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    the sickening thing is that this actually happens.....i wish evil on no one, but if something bad happened to an adult that did this i might just go deaf and blind
  7. davy51

    davy51 New Member

    sometimes things do happen to them

    and it is justice
  8. Hope

    Hope New Member

    There are also people who don't go this far and yet they hate the little ones for whom they're responsible. Hatred kills.
    They blame the children for needing care and treat them like objects, just wanting them out of the way so they can act like kids themselves and do whatever they want.

    There are many ways of dying and not all are physical.
    Children are being murdered every day by adults who are too self-centered to value the innocence of those who depend on them.

    Thanks for sharing this, Davy.
  9. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    As a parent,I would do everything in my power to see to it that this thing he isn't a man thats for sure had his problem solved quickly! Even if it ment I had to spend the rest of my life behind bars! In my book there is no excuse for child abuse NONE!! I pray all of these snakes who are guilty of this horrible treachery that justice comes very swiftly!:angry_2:
  10. davy51

    davy51 New Member

    I was asked if this were true

    and sent to a site that does say this poem is false

    but this kind of thing happens every day in this world

    i got this from a friend and it moved me to tears

    by posting this maybe i can save one child from one beating

    it makes it all worth it

    if someone hurt one of mine there would be nowhere on earth he could go without me finding him
    i would follow him where ever he went
  11. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    The poem may not be true but the facts are very real as bad as I hate to say it they are very real
  12. kscatman

    kscatman New Member

    I am a daddy of two little girls Caitlynn 11, and Haley 6. That absolutely disgusts me to read that, but I know it goes on. I cant fathom ever hurting one of my babies.