A story about a very sharp hook!

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    I went fishing tonight and just like my wife said the moon was full. Now some on this site say they don't catch fish when the moon is full, I simply agree. I was flathead fishing and went to a spot that did me well last year and unfished this year. One hit no catch. About 2 Am I headed back towards home and hit my most consistant spot. I caught a biggo 1 Lbr! He had apparently been on the line awhile and was all tangled up. I untangled him and was admiring his fat belly and flat head and beutifull color when he Flip Flopped on me. I just dropped him since I was gonna release him anyways. No joke that fish never hit the ground..... He hooked himself about 3 inches in front of his tail fin on my hook I had just taken out of his mouth. The pole was in the poleholder (rocks) and he got hooked in midair! Now I have had times when I could get bites and no hookups but this dude got hooked twice.... Any similar stories? I just though it was a neat little happening hehe