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I think maybe the BOC needs a section for the ladeis to share thier info/dtories hows everyone else feel about this..... I was out promoteing this site and a couple of the local ladys had asked if thier was a place for the ladies I told her the whole site was for eveyone
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Good ideal.
My wife also logs on to BOC using my account, just to read. If I make any bad post it must be her using my account. HeHeHe. LOL.
I asked her to open her own account. One day she will. A ladies section may be good.
I think it would be nice to have sub forums in the MEMBER WORLD DISCUSSION
section, like we had on other site in the general area and like we have on some sections on new site. Sub forums in MWD area, we could have an area 51, the mud hole, military etc. and add a ladies sub folder. The sub forums would also help better organized the MWD area.
LOL Kutter, Wife's, got a love em. :p
Could always go by store and pick up fish if you don't catch any. Tell her you cleaned em at the lake. LOL.:rolleyes:

Well Paul said it in above thread. Its been tried out before.

Guess they could start a subject thread and call it, ladies night out. :D .
Would have to be in the H.I., just in case a cat fight broke out. LOL ;)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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