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    There is an island whose entire population is comprised of two types of people; Knights and Knaves. Knights always tell the truth and Knaves always lie.

    You arrive on this island and ask the first person you meet (we'll call him person "A"), "are you a Knight or a Knave?". He mumbles something that you can't understand so you ask person B, "What did "A" say?" He replys, "'A' said he was a Knave". Person "C" runs up and says, "Don't believe "B", he's lying" Who are "B" and "C", Knights or Knaves? And how did you reach your answer.

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    I saw this last night but didnt reply because ive seen it on the net before but since know ones replied person B is a Knave and c is a knight.Since Knaves always lie and Knights tell the truth a Knave cannot tell you he is a knave because he would be telling the truth so person B is lying making him a Knave And person c a knight.