A reflection on the 2008 fishing season

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    The year 2008 has come and gone and I can personally say it has been a fine one on the water. Gotortail and I have put the meat in the freezer and the stink in the livewell many a day this year and he has turned me on to "serious" catfishing. I am a bass fisherman by heart but I can honestly say there is no greater feeling that seeing that big ole' white belly come rolling up at the end of your line. We never had a day this year that we were skunked every day we went we cought fish. We boated some nice cats this year nothing world recordly but nice fish the biggest being about 30 pounds. We fished the coldest day of the year and had a blast rod eyes freezing, your hands freezing to your fishing reel, no minnow net to get them out of the bucket. We had close calls with sunken fishing poles (if you know of a fishing hole named the dance hole theres a cat rod on the bottom 20$ to whoever returns it safe and sound ) and swimming expeditions in 50 degree temperature days and kept on soakin that skip. We finished the year yesterday with 6 fish biggest being a 10 pound channel. We will eat like kings in the new year and keep on hitting the water. We are a breed of hard core fishermen not fair-weathered by any means and we will hit the water any available moment with ought care or concern other than where are we getting breakfast or what to throw at em for the day, it is a life of love and pure dedication the the sport that has been passed on to us all by older generations and we will do it till the day we die!!

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    maybe we will see ou next year at the pick wick outting

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    Welcome to the BOC, this site is full of good info and great people!