A real fun small flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by holdemplyer, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. holdemplyer

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    I just started chasing flatheads a while back, although i've only caught two, and neither one have been very big, both have been a blast. I've caught both on my Ugly Stik Ultralite. the first one came in quickly because i only had about 3 ft of line out when he hit. The second one, 100_2542.jpg was real fun. I was casting out for bait when my jig tipped worm stopped cold. At first i thought i had snagged, but then the snag started moving. the two i've caught will definatly keep me chasing them!
  2. jagdoctor1

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    Great man! I just started to fish flathead for real this year and have caught several small ones like that, even 2 under a pound. I have 8 total for the year with 3 above 15 lbs and one was 18 lbs nothing big but like you said it sure is fun, I've got the bug bad!

  3. kkyyoottee

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    We also fish with ultra light rigs , since we do not target monsters . We have a blast on fish the size you catch. Anyone can hog a fish but only a few can coax a fish into the creel. Great job!! and Great Post!!:big_smile:
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    yeah them little ones can be alotta fun on the right rig.
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    Very nice Flathead.
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    Alex, I have caught a few over 40 pounds in the 10 yrs I been doing this, but one fish this year stands out from all the others. I know for a fact that he fought harder than any fish I have ever come into contact with. I had tossed out one anchor and wanted to get my baits in the water cause it was so hot. I tossed them up aginst this big log jam and then tried to get my other anchor out. Just as I tossed the second anchor one reel started screaming. I was already hot and sweaty and trying to get the boat situated, I didn't even have time to take in the slack from the anchor rope. I grabbed that rod and set into a fish that I thought would go easily 40lb range. He took off up the bank pulling the back of my boat with him lol. I pulled him back down toward the snag, then he dived right under the middle of the boat, crossing one of my other lines as he went. So now I got this monster fish on the line, the other reel is screaming too, its so dark out I cant see my feet and I can't reach my flashlight lol. And He keeps fighting. I was using a berkley E-cat #4 with 80lb power-pro, on a 7000 abu. I tried to horse that fish in and he was pulling drag like no 40lb fish I ever hooked. Long story short that fish weighed in at 18 pounds. I can only imagine the fight he will give the guy that catches him when he does get to 40 pounds. This is why I CPR
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    nice fish...ive been going after the flatties pretty hard this year...but i still cant seem to catch one...hopefully when i run my lines tomorow ill have a biggun on there