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how many guys think about it? i didn't until tonight. a long time ago, (before a fight i won win cancer) i used the shaving lavers and hand razors and suffered the cuts and nicks and such. then i discovered the electrict one. great one.. my face only has side burns now and this little goat tee that is ugly. well, it's time to get rid of it all and i can't find my razor. i'm going crazy. tearing up the house.. it's here, i know, but can't find.
nothing worse than knowing than a razor is sitting there, and laughing at ya. i knnnnnnnnnnnow it's laughing. i can almost hear it. 50.00 to replace. do i want to? nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will i ?????????? not sure yet...
just a little rambling to share and let some steam off.
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