A Race Car Drivers Life

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    California Miss
    Your day is 16 hours long.

    He's been up for 24 straight working to go

    You take a warm shower to help you wake

    He wakes up to a one gallon shower
    (usually cold)
    The thrill of hearing that engine roar keeps
    him up.

    You complain of a "headache", and call in

    He's chilled to the bone, hasn't eaten all
    day, has the flu, and then races his heart
    out. Everyone knows a hangover or illness
    just makes you focus.

    You drink your Starbucks coffee on your
    way to work.

    He drives 15 hours to the next track
    drinking a coke to stay awake. And when
    he arrives is forced to park outside the
    track until 7:00am when the track workers
    will give him 30 secs to get his rig moving
    or he gets bumped out of line.

    You walk down the beach, staring at all the
    pretty girls.

    He walks back to the trailor after tearing up
    his car.

    You complain about how hot it is.

    He wears 30 pounds of gear in the middle
    of July and climbs in a 140 degree racecar.

    You go to the mall and get your hair cut and

    He walks around with helmet hair, the last
    product in his hair probable was 10/40 w oil.

    You're angry because your shift had to
    work late.

    He has to travel 500 miles in the middle of
    the night with a torn up racecar just for 2
    thousand dollars...if he wins.

    You criticize your local drivers and say
    they're nothing but dumbass rednecks.

    He puts his life on the line to entertain a
    crowd of 2,500 people.

    You hear the stories about fallen drivers
    and say they should have known better.

    He knows that the .001 of a sec it takes to
    beat to the next car, could be pushing it but
    is willing to risk it.

    You see the bright lights and lots of trailers
    when you go by.

    He sees the heartbreak, blood, sweat, and
    tears put into his sport, but still believes
    this race, it will be his day.

    You rush home to catch the next game on

    He stops in some small town to wash the
    race car and trailer because he is proud of
    what he has accomplished and he wants
    everyone to see his car with the love he

    You sit there and judge him, saying the that
    its a waste of money to go do such a silly
    thing and call it a sport.

    But its not the money. It's the thrill of
    victory, the agony of defeat. It's seeing the
    smile on his son's face even after having a
    horrible night, because no matter what his
    son still thinks he's the best. It's the fans
    that cheer for him durring driver

    It's a drivers life.
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    we have a local dirt track here in belleville illinois and a few others in surrounding communities . the drivers that make these races each weekend vary from the weekend warrior types that have a little car and trailer and make it to the racetrack on a shoestring budget and hope they dont blow a tire or worse cause the repairs and parts come out of their pocket .
    then there are the smaller hometown heros that have managed to grab a
    modest sponser or 2 and they can weather a wreck a little easier as the sponsers supplement the cost and they have a little advantage over the weekender as they might have additional parts tires to get them back out on the track if they break down or wreck to at least get a few more laps in and maybe collect at least the entrance fee or fuel costs to boot.
    then theres the dirt track elite that may have a couple cars with them and a hauler with parts , shop , and even possibly a sleeping quarters .
    they might hit a couple tracks a weekend and any extra events or practices in between .we have a local legend named don klein
    heres a little snippit from a local paper ......... The win went to 69 year old Don Klein. This was his first feature win since September 12, 2003 and his 558th career feature win. Hammerle, Kleine, Ed Dixon and Bob Geaschel completed the top five.
    this guy is a very nice personable down to earth guy as you would ever want to meet . he has been raceing since he was a young man in the late 50's and hes at the track every friday night and has always ran a ford
    anyone that cuts these guys down might just be jealous .
    if youve never seen the late models or modified roar around a dirt track on 3 wheels you should try and witness the spectacle at least once .
    pretty neat to say the least and loud did i say LOUD?
    anyway good topic .
    alot of bigtime nascar driver have dirt track ties and at least you can afford a night at the local track with hitting an ATM :wink:

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    i meant to say WITHOUT having to hit an ATM .
    also these drivers are usually fan friendly and gladly let youngsters pose in or near their car for a photo and sign autographs without reservations.
    to a kid that means a lot .
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    Georgetown IN
    Thats one of the things I like about the ARCA series.When they come to Salem IN theres plenty of autographs to be had.A few years ago My son was allowed to tour Chad McCumbee's trailer.He was given some goggles and other stuff all autographed.I thought it was neat the way he took the time to do that.So now when he races The truck series I am always rooting for him.
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    California Miss
    It's amazing how people always notice the flaws of a racecar driver, but yet they very rarely mention all the accomplishments they have done. People often look for the bad things in a drivers habits instead of noticing the fact that they might be the nicest person you have met, or the fact that they are always runnin the front of the pack on race day.
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    This is very true if people only knew , I used to drag race but stoped 2 years ago after 30 years , I have a cousin who runs N.M.R.A. hot street and works his a$$ off to keep it all togeather ! Im just wore out with it rather go fishin LOL still like to go watch though , cant go to often the bug might bite me then here we go again :eek:oooh: