a question to all tn river fishermen

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    Cartersville, G
    i have a older v hull 14' boat with a 6 hp motor. my ? is do you think it would be ok to take it to the nuke as i have never seen the water there when they are discharging. i would absolutley love to take my oldest son there to get him on a whopper cat just not sure of the boat. it leaks a lil but my worries is the water getting to ruff. any feedback always welcomed. thanks brothers
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    I think it would be the wake from some of the large boats and barges that could cause you problems. The wind can whip up some big waves up there too. I know sometimes the big waves make my 18 footer jump and bounce around like crazy. The smaller the boat, the more nervous I would be. I think you would need to be cautious and try not to let the bigger waves hit you from the side, or you could flip. You can never be too safe, especially when your kids are with you.

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    warrenton misso
    I'd say go ahead and do it ,,,,just steer into the larger waves
    You'll know when your getting to close and turn away