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    North Carolina
    I am new to all this and would just like to know a few things. I went fishing early Saturday morning north of highway 150. We caught 8 cats but nothing over 5 lbs. Where are the BIG ONES?? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Unless you guys caught em all. ha ha ha ha ha.:big_smile:
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    First off, welcome to the BOC Walter. :big_smile:

    Secondly, it would help greatly if you were a little more forthcoming with at least general info on where you were/are fishing in the Hwy 150 area. Are you fishing one of the numerous farm ponds? Creeks? A river area? One of the Lake areas? Up in the Winston-Salem area, in the Lexington area? Bank or boat fishing?

    Giving info will help you get info. :wink:


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    north carolina
    i believe hes talking about north of 150 bridge at lake norman. i cant help you. i dont fish norman but if you read lake norman blues post it should point you in the right direction. i do wonder where the bigger fish are according to the post here about norman though. i just dont see many blues over 15lbs coming from there. maybe its not getting posted or they just hiding in all that water right now. one thing for sure.....you find the bait and you will find the bigger fish.:wink:
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    Well, welcome to the B.O.C. at any rate. I think the answer to your question lies within your self. Are you willing to spend the time, the money, and make the sacrifices to really learn the body of water your fishing. The old saying is that 10% of the water will hold 90% of the fish is probably close to a true statement. Also, although the diet of a large fish is similar to that of a small fish, the size should increase proportionately. For really large fish, lets say 40 lbs or over, the live bait should probably weigh close to two pounds. Of course they will take cut bait, but the size should be slightly larger than the size you would use for table fare. Then you have to learn where to put the bait... thats where trial and error comes into play. Just keep trying, try to find some old, experienced fishermen in your local area and get them to tell you their tales. The spot they caught the big fish at thirty years ago will probably still hold big fish today.
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    The coves near/around Camp Dogwood are just N of 150 and have big fish (Blue cats). Stay tuned to the BOC and you can get tips on how to catch them. Better yet attend a meeting of the Carolina Catfish Club and learn from guys who fish that area and get some pretty nice fish year round. Good luck.