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Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by buzzer_myers, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. buzzer_myers

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    i am from nebraska and heading to lake texoma and i am fishing the red river there i was wondering if anyone is catching any and what on and where thanks for the information
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    Hey Chris welcome to the BOC. Can't help with your question but I'm sure somebody will be able to. Luck to ya!

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    shad for big blues on texoma. not sure about fishing the river though. if u get a chance fish the channel along a striper guide's boathouse. the cats hang around for scraps from cleaning.
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    in the late spring we do great off the dam wall right after they shut the dam off. all the fish that had been hugging the side run out into the current and pick off the wounded shad and other disoriented baitfish. when i used to live down there, i did much better at the river than the lake, as i am bank bound! i am going out in the beginning of april, hopefully i don't jump the gun on the shad run! those 18+ inch shad make awesome cut bait. we also do good at the dam in the heat of the day free swimming live perch against the dam wall, but you'll catch more than cats doing this. also, don't cast them, let em down easy or the fall will kill them.
  5. cods

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    Fish shad where the lake and river come togather
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Here is the latest fishing report for Texhoma.

    Texoma: March 24. Elevation 2 1/2 ft. above normal, water 50 and murky north and clear south. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair at 10-20 ft. around the riprap. Striped and white bass fair on live bait at 10-20 ft. in the coves. Channel and blue catfish fair on live bait at 10-15 ft. in the upper Red river. Crappie fair on minnows at 5-15 ft. around underwater brush and boat docks. All other fishing is slow at this time. Report submitted by Danny Club, game warden stationed in Bryan County.

    If fishing the Red, you must be knowledgeable as to where your at as you may require an Oklahoma license or you may require a Texas license. Same holds true for the lake portion also.
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    Welcome to the BOC from Kentucky hope you catch a bunch
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    McKinney, TX
    If you are fishing the whole lake, a Lake Texoma license makes a lot of sense. The bait shops, stores, etc around the lake will sell them to you. Otherwise you need 2 licenses. It can be tricky to determine where Texas ends and OK begins on the water. The OK state patrol/game wardens are out there a lot, and from what I understand, Nebraska and Oklahoma don't get along too well, at least from what I see in the fall during football season. Believe it or not, most of Texoma in in Oklahoma... Texoma a great lake, but it's big as well, and keep an eye on the sky, the weather can switch very quickly. (I have personal experience racing a hail storm back to my slip several summers ago! I almost didn't make it...)

    Good luck and let us know how you do!