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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by SSG Johnson, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. SSG Johnson

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    Saint Robert Missouri
    While in Florida me and my two boys went to the air tunnel. Its a huge fan of some sort that blows MPH winds and simulates free fall. Myself Ryan and Tyler went to the tunnel.

    I had worked all week with Ryan about how to arch and tried my best to explain what it would be like in the tunnel. I was unsure whether he was listening or not or even if he understood what I was trying to explain. My youngest boy watched and even wanted to join in and try it himself He is 3 and Ryan is 9.

    While at the tunnel we had to take a short class on how to arch and how to fly in the tunnel. I think the older boy Ryan realized the old man knew what he was talking about during the class.

    We flew in the tunnel but everything happened so fast and I was concentrating on what to do that I really didn't pay that much attention while the boys where in the tunnel.

    I had gotten a CD because I figured that would happen and secretly I wanted to see if Ryan had picked up what I had told and showed him.

    I had forgotten about the CD and found it just a few minuets ago nervously I put it in the player. It was easy to see that Ryan had payed attention and was doing exactly what I had told him........I am really proud of him. When Tyler the three year old came up he really got it right and I was really proud of him. I couldn't control my self and had to show the CD to my Buddie at the end of the CD he turned to me and said with a smile someone taught those boys how to arch...... That made me feel really good that not only I was impressed with the boys but someone else.

    I cant wait until the younger the boys are old enough to really fish, hunt, skydive and everything else with me. It was aw some that we could always have that time together and I know we will have many more as they get older at least I hope.
  2. vinny

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    the boys are good to go fishing with I take my granddoughter fishing and she is 3 years old and it is fun do not wait it is fun when they are young

  3. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    You're doing a great job, Dad, you deserve to be proud!
  4. Trophy Hunter

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    Isn't it nice when you realize what you told them has sank in? Enjoy yourselves!
  5. TA2D

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    Wanna give some lessons? Awesome stuff, I know that my oldest would have a blast doing stuff like that!!!


  6. Gator

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    Chuck time with the kids like that is very important and will last a life time. I hope ya'll keep have times like that for all of your life. I miss doing thing like that with my kids as They are grown and don't have much time with them any more. But I do have memories that works for now.
  7. GoFish_Tony

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    Big Rock, IL
    Stick that chest out there proud Chuck!

    Praising your boys and telling them how proud you are of them will pay huge dividends for a lifetime!

    Sounds like you all had a lot of fun and have much to look forward to as they get older.

  8. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Thats a great story coming from a proud Dad!!!
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    Teaching our children is what we all need to do. They learn form us and enjoy us better as parents.
    I spend as much time as possible with my kids and teach them something every chance I get.
    Good Job and keep making them proud of what they learn and what you teach them brother.
  10. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Did you let the boys see the CD? and tell them how proud you are of them. You are a good father and role model for them. I hope you get to enjoy good times for a long time with them.
  11. Taliesin

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    Those kids are old enough to go fishing now!!

    First time my mom and dad took me fishing I don't remember at all. They told me I was 2 months old. First time I actually fished was at around 3. I do remember that when i was 5 my dad was taking me out, just the two of us, for bass fishing at 4 in the morning.

    I ain't no morning person, never have been. But it was easy to wake me up to go fishing!
  12. MRR

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    :feel_good: Boy that sure does an ole heart some good seeing a dad and kids doing something together. So many dads seem to be on the back burner when it comes to spending time with thier children. I salute you for what you are doing. In the long run you will be well rewarded I'm sure. Sounds like if they are old enough to go in a wind tunnel they are old enough to OUT FISH DAD:big_smile: So get them out on the water and see what happens.
  13. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Brother that just shows that your kids respect you by them listening to you. Glad you got that CD, that is great to show off for years to come. You are a great father.
  14. hear_kitty

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    Time spent with kids is time well spent glad you all had fun