A pier, a Boathouse, and a Flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by CraigO, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. CraigO

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    Tolar, TX
    I'm new to flats... in fact, I've never caught one. I have access to a private pier on a lake with primary cover as boathouses and piers... literally thousands of them on the lake. From the pier, I can cast to 3 or 4 other piers/boathouses up and down river (lake). Is fishing around docks a good place to find a flat at night? I plan on fishing live bait. Is there anything about this that screams "waste of time?" I know the best thing to do is just try it... and I will. The water is about 4-6 ft. deep under the docks and it gradually slopes out to 18-20 ft of water. Nothing special about this stretch of water... no bends in the channel or anything. Anything yall could add would be great. Thanks
  2. jtrew

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    If you can find a spot that drops off to deep water faster, that might be a good spot. Also, if you can find spots where the bream & crappie tend to bunch up, putting some live bait near there might attract a nice flathead.

  3. Jroc777

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    During the spawn the flatheads will sometimes make their nesting holes up under docks and other structure. They will also come into shallow water to feed at night. I would suggest just giving it a shot a couple of times and see if you have any luck. And dont get discouraged if it takes several trips to catch one. Sometimes flatheads can be pretty tricky to catch. I find this to be more the case in lakes in my area than rivers.
  4. Chief

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    i would fish that heavily in the summertime due to the fact that hot weather draws baitfish to shade cover like docks and boathouses. flatheads will go there in the early evening and night to feed on them.
  5. wishiwasfishin

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    just be sure you have very good tackle because those flatheads show no mercy:)
  6. treddinwater

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    I would suggest using about 3 different lines if you can while trying this to find out where they are at. Try throwing one in an area between 2 docks where the depth is about 4 ft., then have one no more then 10 ft off the end of the dock in slightly deeper water, and then throw one out there either where the water drops off or in that deep hole, just try fishing the different depths around there. That's just what I would try, this is the method my Uncle uses up at his house fishing for flats off his dock. Good luck.
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    I have never fished for flats from docks, but the rest of the fish seem to be there in spades. Stands to reason if the crappie, gill, and bass fishing is great around docks that the upper level predators will hit em too. I caught a big cat under a ranger boat house once. Good luck to you.