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A night to remember

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While out fishing everyone has that one night they remember as if it were yesterday. Heres my story...

It started out as just another night. They boys and I got off of work right at midnight ,and we decided to hit a spot we always frequent. We grabbed the bait, grabbed our beer and fishing poles, and off to the river we would go.

This was a spot that has always produced fish (maybe 2-3 fish a night), but never anything big, every once in a while we would catch a 20 lb flatty.

It was a fairly bright night being the moon was full and the stars were shining bright. The three of us decided to set up and work the mouth of the creek right off the sandbar. It was a pretty typical night to that point, a click here and there, nothing to get excited about.

About that time my buddy decided to reel up his line and cast way off away from everyone else, near the shoreline in merely a few feet of water. It wasnt more that 5 minutes after he casted out there, he had a run. Solid 20 lb flattie. He through back out there, and much to our surprise, he barely put his rod into the holder, and off went the clicker again. Another flattie, almost the exact same size.

About that time my other buddy and I decided that if his clicker went off a 3rd time, we were moving over by him. His bait wasnt even in the water 5 minutes, and he had a 3rd flattie, almost 23 lbs.

We then both decided to move over by him, and within an hour and a half, we had CPR'd 20 flatties, with only one of them under 20 lbs. The only reason we quit is because we went through 3 dozen bullheads and ran out of bait.

Here in MN, we can only fish with one line, so that many fish in that short of time is amazing. In my 20 some years of fishing, I have never experienced a night like that, and probably never will again.

Since that night a few years ago, we have fished that spot many of times, but never had a night like that again. If I wasn't hooked on catfishing before that night, I sure was after that night. The fight of the fish, the nice quiet night, the sound of the fire crackling, the taste of beer, and the quality time spent with fellow co-workers made that night even more special....definitely a night to remember.
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