A night out wit a buddy

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    Went to a private lake caled "Little Rainbow" with a good buddy of mine last night after work. We were going for some gills and conversation.

    Little Rainbow is a small lake with a horrible access, if you can call a trench with wheel-deep ruts and lake levels only foot-deep out for two boat lengths such a thing.

    We got out on the water and immediately saw a 12 foot shallow V with 3 drunks in it. They would not shut up... drunken banter.. blah blah blah.... echoing across the lake.

    Nice- Drunks on a wednesday. Just the right way to celebrate hump day.

    Eventually they tried to talk to us. We asked what they were using for bait. All 3 said "waxworms".
    Not 5 minutes later amid their drunken babble, I heard one of em say, "aww S---, we're out of crickets. Take me back, Ill go get more"

    Nice. Liars and drunks. A-hole trifecta was in play

    They went to shore and dropped off one buddy. The other two started trolling around as drunk numero uno took off in a small nissan truck. 20 minutes later he came back with a cage full of crickets, met his buddies on shore, and gave the bait to them. He then went back to his truck and played 80s rock as loud as he could get his radio. 4 other boats were on the water listening to this crap go on. I left my cell in the truck or I woulda called the cops. During a quiet break betwen songs, I literally said, "I'd thank you greatly if you'd turn that off and let us fish in silence". Thats all he needed. He popped in a Journey CD and played "Wheel in the Sky" 4 times in a row, flipping me off every time I looked his direction, then wen back to the radio.

    REALLY NICE... liars, drunks, and inconsiderate jerks. Trifecta complete. I was getting angry that I didnt have the cell... I wanted so bad to call these idjits in.

    So as the other two are circlin our boat, less than 30 feet off, I tell my friend that we ought to reposition the boat so we both have better shots of casting toward shore. He hooked up the trolling motor battery.

    I set down my rod, grab the anchor, and look back forward just in time to see the wife's rod that I borrowed, fling off the side of the boat.

    I yelled for my friend to shut off the motor.

    The next 10 minutes was spent fishing my rod off the bottom with my buddy's rod and a treble hook.

    After a good evening of fishing we caught 28 gills- 6 of which were keepers, 4 bass, a crappie, and a 15 inch bullhead.

    Meanwhile my blood pressure shot through the roof considering all the hassle we went through with the bozos and the rod disappearing. Still worth the trip of course, but this is one of those days where you can say that its the time spent over years fishing with a good friend that makes even the worst outings worth it.