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    on saturday i went to my local lake to take out a young fellow to do a little fishing. When i showed up he was waiting with his little buddy. He asked if he could go along, After calling his parents and getting the ok i took them out. after we got baited up and started to drift and this little dude got a hook up on a nice cat, weighing some 11lbs, not bad for his first real cat, But i think i shot myself in the foot now, When we got back to the launch he said he will be more than happy to go out anytime i go out fishing. lol , it is great to see a young person get excited when they get a hook up on any fish but one that has size is even more rewarding. Just to see the look on his face when the cat first broke surface and when we got it in the boat made my day.

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    That's great Jeff! Experiences like that can stay with someone for the rest of their lives. Kudos to you for being so instrumental in giving that young man a great memory.