"A Mother's Day" Tribute

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    I love this song, even though it always makes me cry. Being a pianist myself, I really appreciate the piano prowess of Jim Brickman. This number is from the "Simple Things" CD, but unlike most of the music on his CDs he didn't write this. It can be attributed to Tom Douglas, and I believe the singer is Brian Siewert. I couldn't find a video of Jim and Brian performing it, but I think this one is appropriate for honoring our mothers. I'm including the lyrics below the video.

    Sending this out to all the wonderful moms and wives here on the BOC......thank you. We hope you have a Mother's Day as special as you are.


    A Mother's Day

    Mom and Dad were reading in the den
    Mom said, "I'm gonna go to bed, it's late."
    She went to the kitchen to make three school lunches
    Another night in a mother's day.
    Put the cereal bowls out for breakfast,
    Set the coffee maker for 6:00 am;
    Sewed a loose button on brother's shirt for him.

    Checked sister's math homework, sent a note to the teacher,
    Added eggs to the grocery list;
    Started a load of wash, made sure the doors were locked,
    Put water in the puppy's dish.
    Wrote a check to the children's piano teacher,
    Turned the dishwasher on;
    And Dad called out, "Honey, what's takin' you so long?"

    Have I ever thanked you? For everything you've done?
    Now all that I can say is, "I love you Mom."

    Hung some art on the refrigerator door
    And headed up the stairs;
    Kissed all the children and helped sister
    Comb her wavy golden hair.
    Washed her make-up off and turned on the bath;
    Lay down in the moon's soft light
    And kissed Dad goodnight.

    Have I ever thanked you? For everything you've done?
    Now all that I can say is, "I love you Mom."

    Thank you for nursing me through all those colds and fevers;
    Thank you for believin' in me when there were no other believers.

    And it's never too late to say, "I love you Mom."
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    Thank You Tanya, that was a tear jerkier, love every word. God Bless every Mother onthis Gloriest Day.

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    That`s a great tribute Tanya, I`d like to wish all the moms out there a happy mothers day!!!!
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    Bumping this back to the top for the ladies who haven't heard it yet.

    Happy Mother's Day.