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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by fmb, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. fmb

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    We all get caught up in the great CPR debait.....

    but all bickering aside we never seem to change our minds...or venture to the other side of the fence...

    I'm not a cpr guy....everyone knows that....but we are all bros and bros never see eye to eye untill something bad happens....

    I hope there is never a day when someone can't go out and catch a catfish....

    so bros I'm calling you out....invite me to your side of the fence and show me your way of life....otherwise we can just sitting around burning flags and writting angry posts....
  2. Mickey

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    Frank I don't see anything to argue about. I believe in selective harvest for those that needs some fish to eat. I also think it is bad judgement and practice to take large fish for pay ponds and trophy fish that can be CPR. In my case I have not taken a fish from a lake or river for several years. I would like for my grand children and yours to be able to enjoy the opportunity to catch trophy fish, like you and I have been able to do. Your welcome to my side. Lets work together to leave a great fisheries for those that follows.

  3. Todd Strong

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    The way I see it each person has there own thoughts and actions on whether is the brand of beer they drink, or how they like there steak done. This whole CPR criteria always gets the BOC fired up, I just got to were I wont even read a thread on CPR. I can think of many other things that also harm our population of catfish in our waters to.

    So as that said, The ones that practice CPR are helping preserve our fish, and the others that don't are putting food on the table for there family and freinds. I know there are some crude people in the world, But I like to think there can be balance that keeps our fish and wildlife in tune. Each person is different, but we get the same results in the end.

    I didn't get to fish the Cabela's classic this year, But there were 12 fish over 34" that couldn't be taken to weigh in because of the 34" limit in Alabama. As a tournament fisherman myself that would really stink if all you could catch that day was 34" fish, chances of that happening is probably high, but there still could be that chance. But rules are rules.
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    Whatcha need to know Frank ? If I can help, I will.

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    You know I never gave much thought to the cpr issue before. Not until I joined the BOC. My thoughts were always if I caught a fish then I brought it home and ate it. And in the need that my family was hungry I still would. But since joining I have given more thought to it and I personally like the idea of returning what I do not need back into the waters for the preservation of this great and massive aquatic creature. Now this is only my opinion here and Lord knows my opinion does not always matter but maybe it at least it will get heard and possibly allow others, that had my old way of thinking, something to think about.
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    to me it is a personal choice.... I only keep catfish from 5-25 lbs. I dont like cleaning anything under 5, and dont like the taste of anything over 25. I catch enough 5-15 lbs to fill out my grocery list for a fish fry. Each person, needs to make that call for himself. I know people who keep large fish, I have no problem with it, they usually on fish a few times a year, and fill the freezer.
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    I was taught by my Dad that you don't ain't gonna eat it don't kill it that being said explains why I say if you don't want to eat it take a picture and put it back
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    My dad taught me the same way!