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    Hey guys, Here is a post from my blog, I hope this helps you guys store all those plastics.

    Any serious fisherman acquires a ton of plastics. If you don't have a boat with adequate storage, plastics can get overwhelming. I've found the easiest way to store plastics is in bait bags. Bait bags ensure that you don't have to put multiple different colored baits in a single package (this will lead to bleeding colors, especially in yamamoto baits). They also allow you to categorize your plastics, for instance, I keep all of my reaction innovations plastics in one bait bag, and all of my zoom baits in another.
    you could also categorize by color, size, or style of plastic.

    Tackle warehouse has a nice deal on falcon bait bags at http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/descpage-FTO1105.html. however, if you aren't too picky you can pick decent tool bags up at:
    the harbor freight tool bags are larger and about half the price, you do the math. More money in your pocket means more gas money, food money, or maybe even money towards one of the ridiculously expensive tool swimbaits! (http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/descpageSWMJRAGO-JRTB.html)

    attached are a couple pictures of one of my old tool bags that i use for some soft plastics. I can fit about 50 partially full bags of plastics in this 12x6x6 bag and it was free, it was sitting in my garage not getting used. the best part is that when i go fishing with friends i just grab the bag and go.

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  2. plainsman

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    Looks like a good way to keep it all organized. I got a couple of them harbor freight tool bags. Keeps it all together, and not hiding something else.

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    Mychal congrats on your organization. Looks good. I like the Yamamoto line myself.:wink:
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    thats a cool idea. i like to use the little rubbermaid totes u can buy at a dollar store. i have a couple and they are sorted by type and size.
  5. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I always used zip lock bags. The tackle bags were too restrictive for me.
    Especially fishing 10 pound rule tournaments.

    But those bags are nice with the worm sleeves if it fits your program.

    I take the left over 2 or 3 worms and throw them all in the same bag. The bleed and generally all become pretty much the same color spectrum.
    I call em Furby worms. They still catch fish.