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Discussion in 'Northern Pike Fishing' started by amatuer cat catcher, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Every year my dad and i go to canada to go fishing. Last year we went on a walleye run and there just so happened to be alot of northerns in the lake. For the first two days we didnt catch many but from then on we caught tons of walleye. Then I decided i was going to try to catch a few northerns and we caught a few by trolling with crank baits. Well now already my dad has decided that he wants to go to the same place but just to northern fish. I need to know pretty much the basics I mean we have the equipment but what should I use pretty much the basics how to catch a biggun ya know i need some help it would be greatly apreceated.

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    Ok heres the deal, in line spinners like meps and roostertails but larger than what your used to. Probably 3-5 inches, or copper and silver spoons like you would use for salmon. Thats always a good start. If live bait is allowed, find out whats native and get it at least 6 inches long and use a 3way swivel bouncing on the bottom as the wind pushes you, and trust me there will be wind even if its just a little

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    the only other advice that i can give ya that Rich didnt depends on time of year. fall through spring I like to fish 10ft or less and pay extra attention to coves,bays, and points especially ones that have a nice sharp weed edge off of the shore
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    when we went to Canada{back in the day} all we took was red/white spoons about 3 inches long. and just flat out killed em. good luck and have fun. smokey