A lil caution now the waters dropped some, beware of abandoned lines

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    When up first creek on the gasconade to catch some shad. I counted 28 limb lines some above the water line 2 ft, they where un marked as by law. Gona give the owner the benifit of another day. If he ant collected em I am gona call the consevation deparment to clear em out. Just a warrning you come across lines like that you can't cut em. You can get in hot water for it. Report them. I like to set lines sometimes myself but I clean em all out when I am done. Also all my lines are tagged with name addie and I add my phone no. I see stuff like that and it ticksme off :angry:. It trashes the river and if it hooks someone the owner can be held liable. Not to mention it gives set liners a bad name. Sorry all just felt like venting a lil.:wink:
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    Great post , I compleatly agree I cut anything that does not look freshly hung, thoses lines can be dangerious...:angry: Its a problem down around me in the small rivers. Also cant stand to see a fish half dead thats been there for days..
    "one of my pet peaves also"

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    well said my friend. i just looked at my little orange book of mdc rules etc., and i believe it says it is illegal to leave them unattended for over 24 hours. as you said it is also illegal to put them out with no name and address. id bet they probably dont even have a license. which is something else i have been seeing alot lately. people fishing with no license bothers me because whenever i forget mine a game warden is sure to show up. but some of the guys i talked to havent had one for years.....never even been checked either. wtf!

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    Troy, I agree 100%, DIRT HEADS, thats what they are and everyone that sees what they leave behind shakes their heads and says CATFISHERMEN:angry: it really stinks but we all are criticized for the actions of others and if we try to clean up their mess we get in trouble:eek:oooh: and there are too few conservation officers to get the job done right:embarassed:
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