A Lesson On Fish Hooks

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    Original post made by Darrel Miller(Cornhusker) on August 30, 2002

    Fish Hooks

    As a kid 50 years ago I didn’t have to know much about fish hooks, there weren’t that many to choose from. There were hooks with the leader tied on them, loop knot at one end and a snelled knot at the hook, which came 6 to a card. There were bulk hooks you had to tie the leader on yourself. There were single hooks and treble hooks, small hooks and big hooks. I must have been smarter as a kid because I knew what hook to use and just went out and caught fish.

    Today I will not be able to fish long enough to learn all the names of all the hooks available to fishermen. Everyday there are new hooks with slightly different styles and new names. Not only don't I know the names, but seldom do I know their intended uses, why did someone design the hook like that.

    I am coming upon hooks of poor quality from old reliable companies. I can’t determine what size hook to order from a catalog because one company produces a hook at least a full size different from the next company. Then we get to the method of sharpening. The simple fish hooks has become complex.

    For me there are 6 basic style hooks out of the scores available that I may use at various times. I think they are about the same list of hooks you see reference in the messages on this board. I won’t try to cover what each hook is used for or what size is appropriate, that is good material for an open discussion on the message board. My most commonly used hooks are :


    I found a web page provided by Eagle Claw to be helpful in understanding some of the terminology. This is not an advertisement for Eagle Claw or even a suggestion that they have a superior product. They do have a good information page for us.

    Eagle Claw Fishhook Terminology

    In an earlier post on the message board Riverrat provided us with a reference from Field & Stream listing 27 different “Contact Information for major hook manufacturers. Phone numbers, email addresses, contact names etc.... “

    Click Here to view that list.