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August 13 th. Since my brother had not caught a fish and his health is a problem, he decided to hire a guide for a trip. We meet the guide at 06:00 in the morning with his and my help my brother was able to get into the boat.

The guide provided the bait and my rods. My brother insisted on using HIS rods and how he wanted to use them. We did have a lot of action at the first spot until the pleasure boat showed up. The more boat the slower the action. We fished two other spots; my brother caught a small blue cat at the second place. The third spot no bites at all.

We did catch a total of 15 catfish, one small flathead, 2 blue cats and the rest channel cats. No real monsters but a number of 5-6 pounders, not sure how many big cats are left in this part of the river. That is the most catfish either my or I have caught in one day in several years. My brother wanted to catch cats and we did so I am sure he was please with the results.
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