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Went to the Ohio river with my son and father last night.We got there about 7:00pm and it wasn't a half hour later Kelly(my son) hooked up with his biggest fish ever. He fought the monster for about fifteen minutes. Which must have seemed like a life time for the eight year old. But he done a fantastic job landing the 22# flattie :D .And he wasnt finished yet before the night got the best of him he landed his first blue , a channel and two more flaties .That was all it wrote for the young man because before the next run he was sleeping like a baby. So i had to take the next two which turned out to be flatheads .Sorry for my dads luck he didnt catch any, but he really enjoyed seeing his grandson have the time of his life. Here are some pics of King Kellys fish

ps all fish were released for some other lucky kittie hunter to catch again.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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