a good guide/ charter on santee- cooper lakes

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  1. bluefish1928

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    South Carolina
    could anyone recommend a good charter/guide service that can accommodate large groups(up to 20 ppl) that operate on the santee cooper lakes?
    I am guessing 2 boats could do this?
    what tiems of the year are probably best?
    generally through fund raising, money shouldn't be an issue

    I'm a senior patrol leader of my bsa troop and would like to share my interest of fishing. I will probably focus on letting all the scouts catch fish vs going after the big ones.
    or if we go out on 2 boats, we could have one boat where the guide leads them to catching numbers and another boat with us older and more experienced anglers to go after a potential trophy.
  2. matt22va

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    I'm pretty sure captain's licenses are only good for up to six people and I don't think there are any party boats like there are on the saltwater side. If you have 20 and want them to catch plenty of fish I would take them on one of the bottom fishing party boats out of charleston.

  3. catfishinsc

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    Yeah, 6 is the most I've ever seen a guide would take at one time on Santee Cooper.
  4. gotta go

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    The lic. freshwater guides get are for 6 but there are guides on Santee that have friends with boats that are also guides and sometime the work togeather. Capt Daryl Smith from out of Rock Hill is a good one to talk to about this. Josh Coggins if he is still guiding has always been good at handling groups. These guides have Tri-toons so room ain't no problem, its just there lic. only allow 6 per boat
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    Give Capt. Ron a call. www.santeewithroundhill.com He can show you a good time down there and get a few other boats to come to. I was asked to do the same kind of thing on Wylie, take out a few boys for a church group. I called a few friends to help out and we were going to split the boys up but stay in the same area so they could see what the others were catching. (trip was postponed till warmer weather and SAT prep courses got in the way). Most will only take 4-6 people per boat.