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    Newark, Ohio
    It seems now days that any day an "Old Man" doesn't have a bad day it is a good day .... I have 45 sets out right now ... 8 coon sets, 6 mink sets and the rest for rats. With the forming of ice in the last few days and having already harvested 30 rats from my 2 locations, their catches have pretty well dwindled. In my part of the country you can make mink sets, but with fewer numbers than elsewhere in the country it is almost by chance that you get them ... or at least it seems that way.

    My coon catches have increased in the last week since I have began to formulate my own bait and for the second time in a week, out of 8 coon sets I caught 5 coon this morning. I realize that by some standards this isn't very many, but by my standards and trapping area it is pretty darn good.

    The only trouble is .... now I have to skin, flesh and stretch them and with the tendon problems in my hands .... it is a painful experience.

    The coon on the right is a 21 pound boar ....! Garry-

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    Newark, Ohio
    As meager as they may seem .... my totals to date are:

    21 Raccoon
    30 Muskrats
    2 Mink
    1 Opossum

    This is within a very limited area ..... Garry-

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    You are doing a fine job there Garry. I been too busy with work to get too many sets out. I hope to get a few more out over the holiday. Coon is where they say the money will be this year so I hope to catch enough to pay to get all my yotes tanned cause last year they were not worth nothing hardly and I had my best year to date on them (yotes), so this year I'm keeping all of them I get and maybe get the wife a nice coat made.
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    Garry keep your stories coming because im enjoying them.
  5. RetiredToFish

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    Newark, Ohio
    Roger ... don't get your hopes up to high for good coon prices ... about all they are getting very large primes are $10 to $12 .... The preseason forecast missed it a mile ........ I am just starting to get decent primed coon ... up until this week they were looking pretty blue ...... Garry-
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    dont know bout yalls area but here hide buyers are only paying 4 to 6 dollars for large coon.only way we can make any money off ours is to stretch and scrap and sell at the mosurri fur trapers auction.
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    Does anyone know if there is a place in Mo. a person can get a price quote? I would like to catch a few cats and fox if it ever stays cold. Coon are hit all over the roads down here. Also seen more mink this year than i've ever seen in these hills. There's not very many and even fewer rats in this area.
  8. rush_60

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    Troy, KS

    Here is a list I found on another site. Some of these may not be buying fur anymore. Doyle McGrew is who I have sold to for the last several years.

    B & B Custom Furs
    Rr 1.
    Bonnots Mill, MO.
    (573) 897-2520

    Central State Fur
    Highway 24.
    De Witt, MO.
    (660) 549-3444

    Demay Furs Ltd
    1009 Olive St.
    St Louis, MO.
    (314) 231-4600

    Foley Raw Furs
    405 N Murray Ave.
    Braymer, MO.
    (660) 645-2063

    Hicks Fur Svc
    403 W 2nd St.
    Calhoun, MO.
    (660) 694-3504

    Veirs Furs
    202 Furr St.
    Fayette, MO.
    (660) 248-3990

    Veirs, Donald
    Rr 2 Box 257.
    Unionville, MO.
    (660) 947-2339

    Doyle McGrew / Trap Supply & Lure
    6205 C. R. 625
    Arbyrd , Mo. 63821
    (573)738 - 2184