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    I'm a wildland fire fighter and I get to go all over the place. Every now and then I'll have some free time when I'm not fighting fire and if I'm lucky enough there will be fishable water somewhere close. So I'm setting up a fishing rig to take with me. I have a kit I bought with a telescoping shakespeare rod and a reel with 6 or 4# test. Unprotected the rod and reel would not survive the abuse I'll put it through. So the rod is going into a small pvc pipe capped on both ends the reel will be in a small dry box I have and lures I'll put in pill bottles. Now my big question is what lures do I bring? A couple of Mepps are a must and sinkers and a couple of wire cricket hooks, a small bobber and a bunch of crappie jigs and soft plastic creatures. Am I forgeting anything? Gotta keep it as light as possible but if anyone has any suggestions on anything that would be great. Thanks
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    I would say that you need some kind of hook remover especially for the treble hooks.

    A stringer if you decide to keep any for a meal.

    Instead of bobbers you can take a small stick and put it on your line with a half hitch at one end. When the fish bites the stick will stand up on end.

    That's about all I can think of for the bare necessities.

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    I always like to have a spoon also and a little jar of power bait too..
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    I think bass pro and cabbelas both and I'm shure there are other places but you can buy a fly/spin combo comes with a 5 piece rod or telescoping rod, and spinning reel and usualy a 4 or 5 Wt fly reel. with a bait box all in a padded case. more money you put into one the better the set up and case get. I got one of the pack combos myself and it stays in the storage compartment in the truck incase I'm invited to fish somewhere with a buddy an too far from the house to get my regular gear. I bought mine used for 40 bucks I think a few years ago.