A Fisherman Phenomenon

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    By David Silvernail

    Put two oversized fishermen into a 16' boat and you are setting yourself up for trouble. Getting to their seats is a time consuming problem requiring strategic planning, extreme
    effort, caution and prayer. Both depending on each others shoulders or head to steady themselves as they plop into their chairs. Attempting to get a drink or snack out of the cooler is out of the question and overlooked until dehydration or dizziness sets in. Even Mother Nature can barely beckon the call to come ashore and hide behind a tree. Throw in some wind, some waves, and a jerky trolling motor on speed 4 and you've got yourself a possible $10,000 video clip to send in.

    Natural clumsiness and a lazy lifestyle is mostly the cause and both parties know it subconsciously. When a mishap occurs, little sympathy is perpetrated or help offered as the less fortunate finds himself flopping intoand over tackle like a lively fish just pulled into a boat. There is some amusement to the other party watching, but the seriousness of the situation is quickly regained due to the possibility of a broken rod or tackle knocked overboard which can bring out a harsh reprimand of "Be still!" or simply, "Don't break my
    rods!". Of course, like a swimmer drowning in mass hysteria, its best not to get involved and let the fallen work out their own problems than to risk body or limb
    and find yourself in the same situation or worse.

    As best as I can understand it, the phrase "Got one!" or "Get the net!" penetrating their ears immediately pumps endorphins into the blood stream causing an adrenalin rush which in turn brings about a nimble, quick action, sure footed, toe dancing fisherman the likes of which would turn the heads of any pro athlete or circus acrobat. It's as if the boat had grown twice its size and turned into solid concrete. How is this possible? Scientist may never truly comprehend this remarkable phenomenon, but a pure bred fisherman with a built in drive to catch fish has some understanding.