A fish jumped into my boat!

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  1. EricM

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    Eric Maurer
    I met a friend at 8:30 and off we went to see what kind of adventure I'd have today.
    We spent an hour trying to catch enough shad to fish with, they were scattered all over the place. I forgot to turn off the fill pump and overran the tank - bad start. We finally started to fish and found a number of quality bass, and the next thing I knew I had a tank full of dead shad. I forgot to turn on the recirculator pump! Steve had gotten ahead of me in fish count and refused to relinquish the title all day. Back for more shad, now they are stacked up and I caught a zillion in two minutes. Back for more bass fishing, and before long I had another tank full of dead shad. I scooped out 200 or so and saved what was left (too many fish in the tank!). After a few more quality fish and a change of areas, it was back to get more shad. I pumped out the old water and refilled the tank. The shad were still there and 2 throws of the net put a reasonable number of shad in the tank, we switched the fill/recirculate valve, and turned on the aerator. Back for the best fishing of the day and we were having a ball, when suddenly I had a tank full of dead shad! NOW WHAT???? I 'd asked 2jigs to change the recirculating valve, and because he didn't know the equipment he had accidentally turned the valve too far and had actually pretty much shut off the water flow. NOT a good day with the shad! It was, however, a really good day with my friend. He beat me in count, but was good enough to let me catch the biggest largemouth at 5 lbs even. The day was just about over when I put the rod in a holder, stood up, and went to light a cigarette. Sure enough, a big hit! I got back to the rod and knew it was a goooood fish. Steve and I got the lines tangled, so he worked them loose and at the same time the fish ran to the surface and made a spectacular jump - right into the boat at my feet!!!! Holy moly, it was a 4 lb 10 oz SMALLMOUTH BASS! At 21 inches, it was my largest ever smallmouth. Another friend was in a boat right by us, and we all laughed our butts off. I've heard tales, but this was a first for me, and with witnesses to boot! And then my friend saved the day by catching - as the last fish of the day - a 9 pound blue cat. A beautiful, wonderful day shared with a terrific fellow.

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  2. brother hilljack

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    Sounds like an exciting day. Congrats.

  3. fish

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    Man oh man, I don't see why you even bother to take a rod and reel, the fish just jump in your boat Eric. That is a mighty good looking smallmouth. Were you fishing in your boat? We're glad ya'll got into some really good ones.
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    man those are GOOD fish!!! Ive fished for alot of smallmouth in Iowa and never caught one that big. Awesome! You say your using cut shad to catch these fish?
  5. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    You know your good when they start jumping in your boat! :roll_eyes: :smile2:
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    Those are some nice Bass.
  7. lance

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    Nice fish ! Have had problems with the nuisance carp doing that sometimes down right dangerous on the cumberland river . But if it was fish like you got I might have to get the net ready so they didn't flop out !:big_smile: