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    north alabama
    i have the pride in knowing many fine young men with so so fathers lol that are my friends . the one i speak of now is chandler honnell he managaed to catch a 28.82 pound flathead catfish this past saturday sept 12 ,2009 in the tenn tom river during the mississippi catfish hunters tourny . it was held in columbus ms , mississippi outdoors was there for the tourny and was rumored that chandler was photoed kissing the big fish of the tourny . he and his father managed secound place . i will post pics soon as i get them. i see there is still hope for americas youth .
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    There is always hope for them when they take up catfishing!:wink:

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    Thank goodness for folks that will take them fishing, & hunting. Our grandsons, 14 & 15, love to go fishing or to the deer camp hunting. Even if they get tired of hunting, they still love being outdoors at the camp. And I'm working on my granddaughter, 11, who is coming along really well. She loves to go to the river--at night!--and run noodles/jugs. And she's been sitting in a deer stand occasionally for the past few years.
    Keep em busy in the outdoors, & they won't be roaming the streets!