a few venison sausage recipes

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    Thought I'd share some basic recipes for those who might want them.

    Traditional southern-Style Venison Breakfast sausage

    17 lbs venison
    2 T red pepper[optional]
    8 lbs boneless porkchops
    1 T ground nutmeg
    3/4 C salt
    1 T ground ginger
    6 T black pepper
    1 T mace
    5 T rubbed sage
    29-32 mm hog casings

    Cut venison and pork into cubes and grind through a coarse grinding disc.
    Mixin the remaining ingrediants and grind with fine grinding disc.Form sausage or stuff into casings. Store in fridge for up to three daysor pkg and freeze.

    Basic mild flavored venison sausage

    17 lbs cubed venison
    2 T coarse ground black pepper
    8 lbs pork cubed
    5 T rubbed sage
    3/4 C salt
    28mm or smaller hog casings
    1/4 C fine ground black pepper

    grind venison and pork with a coarse disc. Mix togather all ingrediants and grind through a fine disc. Form into patties or stuff into casings. this can be stored up to three days in fridge or frozen


    Garlic and Spiced Venison Sausage

    1 small white onion,chopped
    1 T ground sage
    2 lbs venison,cubed
    1/2 t ground tyme
    3/4 lb pork fat,cubed
    1/4 t ground nutmeg
    4 large cloves of garlic,minced
    1/4 t ground ginger
    2 t salt
    1/8 t ground allspice
    1 t black pepper
    38-42mm hog casings[optional]

    Mix all ingrediants and grind once through coarse disc. Mix well and grind through a fine disc. Stuff into casings or form into patties. The sausage can also be formed into a log and wrapped in plastic wrap for bulk use. Store in fridge for up to three days or freeze.
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    Thanks, I am going to print these and try them

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    Thanks Richard, i been wantin to try my hand at sausage. Ground up some deer the other day with smoked bacon. Turned out much better than beef fat i use to use.