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For sitting not drifting ... drifting latter need photos for drift sets to really understand.

Ok we all have had cats on a line and run to the rod and hes off. I went through at least 50 styles of hooks and leader weight combos frustreaiting to find teh cats get them to bite only not to be able to stick em.

CAUSE----> Hooks and ME...why hooks? Cats have increadible hard mouths for a hook to find a spot in to "bite" and sink.

Two issues here hard mouth and the jaw (area with the little teeth) you see most hooks cant find a way past that area or if the cat inhales the bait and feels tension he lets go and the hook dosent find MEAT.

Hard mouth fix....SHARPEN your hooks with a stone each and every rebait too! Just a 1 pass will do it on re-bait. This allone will fix many misses and become more cooler filler than air swinger!

Jaw fix... is hook style No 7 light circle chunk by diachi! Nothing works better and the hook and how you set the rod does all the work.

1 1/2 oz barel weight, 100lbs swivel, leader 24 inches, no7 lcc diachi crappie favorite set.

how to set the rod, drag should be relitively tight but not quite locked down. Th eline should have bow in it so there is a few feet before TIGTENING.

DONT touch teh rod till the rod bends....DO NOT set the HOOK...just reel as fast as you can....i even leave the rod in the holder somtimes till i know its sunk deep.

99% of the time right side of jaw....I think there somthing to that but I just havent put any brain power to that yet.

Hope this helps some allready do this but thought I would share.

Remember 30LBs or bigger is your spawners who make the lake great consider photos vice filets.
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