A few questions from a new member

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Little Luey, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Little Luey

    Little Luey New Member

    Hello everyone
    I recently joined the forum and so far I am enjoying being here, I do have a couple of question I like to ask:

    The "Thanks" and the "Reputation" are they the same thing?
    If I thank somebody will I also be giving him/her reputation points?
    What is the "Donate" and the "Gold Coins" for?
    What does the rank level mean?

    I guess there are more than a couple
  2. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Gosh Louie... seems like I have seen you on here for quite a while. To try to answer your questions... no, the "thanks" and the "reputation" are not the same. Thanks simply means thanks for taking the time/trouble of responding to the post... reputation means that you have gave a correct, honest answer/opinion to a members question, or made a post which was beneficial to other members. Gold coins are similar to "thanks", it is just another way to express gratitude. Forgot the other question... probably something about post counts and ranks... the more you join in and post on the site, the more posts you have and the higher rank you achieve. Now to put all this in the proper perspective, thanks, rep points, coins, and ranks are just things to feed our egos. Some brothers take them way to seriously and do all type of things to excell. Just be your self and what will be will be.

  3. Catgirl

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    Luey, here's a little more info for you.

    You receive one gold coin for each post you make, and two for each thread you start. You also receive coins for library articles,etc. I believe, but I'm not sure how many. Yes, you can donate gold coins to other members if you like, but you also use them to enter some of the BOC contests.

    You move up in rank at certain post counts. I agree with AwShucks however. Posting for the soul purpose of moving up in rank is ridiculous IMO. Post because you have something to say or a story to tell, can help someone with your knowledge, have a question, a joke to share, or want to participate as part of the BOC family! If you would like to know what the ranks ARE, check the FAQ.

    Rep points can be given to a post you think is deserving by clicking on the little check/x-mark box at the top of that specific post. Yes, reputation points are not ALWAYS positive. I personally have never found a reason to give negative rep, but that feature is available.

    And the newest individual feature, the thanks button....you use that to say thank you for a useful post, or one that you particularly enjoyed. A lot of folks also use this to show their appreciation for responses to a thread that they started. You can remove your thanks at any point after that, if you so desire. These aren't necessarily permanent. Reputation points you give to other members, or that they give to you, ARE.

    Hope this helps, buddy!
  4. richard dunbar

    richard dunbar New Member

    If you go to the FAQ i'm sure you will get the answers your looking for. Great to have you here, I,m new too.
  5. Dano

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    All the above is good answers.
    I will add.
    Rep points , if I remember right, you can hit a person 1 time then got to spread to 10 others before you can hit that person again. Can only hit RP one time on a post.
    You can give the , " Thanks" to a member on as many post as they put up without having to spread first, like on rep points.

    FAQ is a good place to start. Top of page, left side, next to User CP. Click on it and you will find answers.
  6. Little Luey

    Little Luey New Member

    All right, thank you for your imput. I will read some more.:smile2:
  7. Terry Day

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    Little Luey,

    I am glad that you posted your question. I had some of the same on my mind. Thanks to all who responded, I have a better grasp of what's going on now. This truly is an amazing site! Thanks BOC!